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Thermo Pants

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Doing cardio was never this effective

Boost the effect of your efforts

✓ Faster results

Through the increased perspiration, the metabolism is revved up, which accelerates the weight loss process and burns more calories

✓ Increases sweating

The thermal performance fabric inside the pants retains the internal body heat and enhances the process of sweating while working out

✓ Protects and builds muscle

The increased body heat causes the release of heat shock proteins which heal, protect, and grow muscle cells

Why Shapemate?


Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Rory G.
Love it

Great product. Put it on as soon as it was delivered and could feel the warmth almost instantly. Not worked out yet, but have been wearing them while doing housework and could feel the sweat.
Totally recommend

Andrej Z.
Great fit

Pants are fitting as expected. They create a warm layer which allows me to freely move yet achieve expected result. Sweat and good temperature.

Even after you stop and I train a lot outside you won’t loose temperature.

Christian H.
Perfect for everyday use!

I recently purchased a pair of workout pants which I received promptly and before the expected date. I'm enjoying the product and the immediate benefits it has given me so far. The shape of my legs has greatly improved and allows me to fit into trousers which would otherwise be tight, it has also provided me with pain relief. I look forward to the long term effects of using this product through daily use of up to 12hrs per day. It is easily worn under clothing and creates a secure/tighter feeling.

Ayesha T.
Great as alternative to wetsuit trousers

I got these for using in the water (kayaking) when I didn’t feel I needed a wetsuit. They are perfect for what I wanted. I’ve also used them for jogging.
They have been worn in and out of water and washed at least 3 times a week for the last month and they are still in the same condition as new.
Great item and I will be buying another pair

Robin P.

There are very comfortable and ideal, i've worn neoprene items before and know how well they can help and support. I have been in training for a boxing match that has now been postponed. This would be my first time boxing and it's taken it toll on my old body with lots of aches and tiredness, but i want to be fighting fit when we start again and these help to push my body