Five simple ways to hide gyno without surgery

By Nick B. - 12.05.2022

Man pinching his chest which is enlarged from gyno

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The development of enlarged breast in men, sometimes referred to as “moobs” or “gyno”, is caused by a disease called “gynecomastia”. It is fairly common and can come in varying levels of severity. In fact, around 25% of all men experience enlarged breasts at some point in their life. While the disease is not harmful, it is troubling to most men as it impacts their looks and sense of self-confidence.

In this article, we want to share five easy and fast ways you can hide your man boobs and regain your manly look. At this point, we want to note that these fixes are in no way medical advice and simply aim to help you feel more confident in your own body.

1. Taping down your chest

One of the most common ways used to hide gynecomastia is to tape down the chest using ace bandages, duct tape, and even sometimes surgical bandages. The goal is to compress the chest to create a flatter look of the chest under the clothes.

This solution is certainly the easiest and quickest fix on our list; however, it is not the best and comes with a lot of downsides. Taping the chest is a tedious process if done every day and often leads to uncomfortable complications such as the tape being stuck to the chest hairs or tangled up under the shirt. If the tape is too tight, it can even create bruises on the chest and worsen the situation.

And of course, having someone notice that you have tape around your chest can also lead to some uncomfortable conversations and be very embarrassing. So, to conclude, while this method is very easy, you should opt for other fixes on our list that are more sustainable and effective in the long term.

2. Wearing baggy clothes or shirts with pockets

Despite being the most intuitive ones in this list, these two methods are very effective. Especially shirts with pockets on both sides will hide the enlarged breasts in a very subtle and comfortable way. The frontal area of the chest simply gets covered by the pockets, while the sides are slightly compressed by the shirt. In the case of baggy clothes, the larger chest will simply become unnoticeable.

The downside of this method is, however, that it greatly limits your outfit choices. Furthermore, baggy clothes can make you look larger than you are. Overall, these methods should certainly be considered, but will not always be the optimal choice.

3. Wear accessories that direct the attention away 

We know. This method seems weird and, in some sense, not so promising. It is, however, based on basic human psychology and can be highly effective. If you are unable to use one of the other methods on a given day for some reason or the other, you can simply put on a flashy accessor to lure the attention away from your chest.

Some of the easiest ways are to wear a nice watch, a cap with a motive or a pair of colourful shoes. Since most people will only fully observe you at first glance, these accessories will focus their attention elsewhere and stop them from noticing your man boobs.

Of course, this method will not work as effectively when you are together with people for an extended period and generally does not guarantee success. It should be used as the last resort.

4. Wear smaller undershirts

Wearing undershirts below your normal size mimics the effects of a compression garment. The shirt presses down the chest tissue, so it looks flatter under clothes. While this method is easy to implement, wearing an undershirt that is too tight can get very sweaty and uncomfortable. Especially in warm climates, the sweat build-up may cause skin irritation, back acne, chest acne, or skin rashes.

Adding to that, a too-tight undershirt will also exhibit constant pressure on your other organs, which could cause health risks in the long term. Overall, this method, while effective, is not very sustainable in the long run without accepting discomfort or health risks.

5. Wear a Compression Vest

This final method combines many of the tricks used in the previous ones into a complete product. A shaper vest naturally shapes the user’s body and applies additional pressure only to the chest and waist area. While the compressive effect on the chest often already solves the problem, some vests also provide additional back support and ensure that you have a straight back and good posture.

A good compression vest also emphasizes comfort and is made from lightweight and elastic fabric. If a good vest is chosen, the user does not feel like he is wearing an extra piece of garment and can go through the day without thinking about his gyno.

This solution is by far the most sustainable one on the list and will solve the problem for a large majority of light to medium cases of gyno. The best vests may even work for particularly strong cases.

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All the above solutions work to some extent. Most of them are, however, not sustainable and can even be harmful at worst. That’s why we recommend a compression vest as the best, non-surgical, solution to gynecomastia.

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