Happiness starts with confidence

From the Beginning

Our story began with a simple observation: gynecomastia goes far beyond discomfort or appearance. It's a huge emotional burden that thousands of men have to carry around every single day with a detrimental impact on their confidence and enjoyment of life. 

That's why we decided to create a set of accessible products that help men with gynecomastia along their journey, whether they just discovered they have until the point they finally get surgery.

Our Mission

So far we have been able to help hundreds of men feel more confident in their own bodies. But we are far from done! Our mission is to raise awareness to gynecomastia and help alleviate the huge knowledge gap around the topic. We know that in order to get there our products need to be more than good. They need to be simply amazing. This is why we always use the best fabrics for our garments, put great emphasis on comfort, and aim to ensure every customer is heard. Wearing our garments should not be an additional burden. 

It should feel easy and natural.

Just slip in and go through the day feeling confident. That's the goal. 

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