Helping you shape your life

In-between having to be on point at work and a decent family man at home, staying in perfect shape is not always the priority. In fact, gaining a few extra pounds often happens quicker than we realise.

The reality is, we all know these things work better when you’re feeling comfortable and confident in your own body. Not having to think about whether the shirt fits too tight or if someone noticed the new love handles allows you to focus on what’s truly important.

That’s where Shapemate comes into play. As the first shapewear brand designed for the needs of men, our mission is to help you feel confident throughout all your daily endeavours.

Whether you want to flatten your belly, eliminate man boobs, or have a slimmer waist, we have a shaper for you. Guided by the motto, “comfortable but effective”, our shapers are made to be worn throughout the whole day and do not restrict any activitiy. Simply slip in while getting dressed in the morning and forget you’re wearing them throughout the day. It couldn’t be easier.

The days of having to force yourself to go to the gym, only to regain the weight after an exhausting couple of days at work are long over. Feeling confident in your body is something you always deserve! Get your boost, with Shapemate!