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Confidence Shaper Shorts

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The easiest way to a flat belly and better fit in jeans 

Great for hiding those few extra pounds 

Forms a slimmer waist

The shaper shorts effectively slim down your waist by forming a tight 360-degree grip around the body

Eliminates belly and love handles

Through their high-waist design and slight pressure on the abdominal area, the shaper shorts eliminate any belly and love handles

Reduces jeans size by one size

Slightly compressing the legs, the shaper shorts allow you to gown at least one jeans size and provide for a more comfortable fit in trousers

Supports lower back

By offering lumbar support, the shorts support the lower back and facilitate a healthier, more upright posture

No rolling down or chaffing

The internal silicon waistband prevents the shaper shorts from rolling down, while the soft spandex fabric prevents any chaffing

Front opening facilitates daily use

A side slit in the crotch area ensures the shaper shorts can be worn comfortably throughout the whole day

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Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Christopher H.
Good for hiding that extra weight

Amazing! Recently put on a little weight and found trousers were uncomfortable. Wearing these tidied up the waist making trousers fit comfortably while slimming and tidying up those love handels and belly.

10/10 Effect

Had tried out many different tummy control pants in the past without real recognizable results. Recently a friend recommended Shapemate to me and I thought I'd give it a try.
The result was amazing. My belly was slimmed out comfortably and the pants fit really well.

Rich M.
Does the trick

I bought the Confidence Shaper Shorts for an event. They definitely worked. I looked a lot slimmer in my outfit which made me feel more confident and easy going. Can only recommend!

Max D.
Great product, value and Seller support.

I have chronic back pain and bought the Shaper Shorts to see if it might help.
I am pleased to report that they have helped, the flatter Tummy is an added benefit.
They feel great and are of a lot better quality than the 1 other high waisted shorts that I tried.
My wife likes the way i look :)

Gabriel W.
Love this!

I got this back In April/May once everything opened backup & I was very unhappy with my body shape & now I’ve been wearing this under my clothes whenever I work a full 8-10 hour shift. This sucks everything in even bulging. I was skeptical about the sizing but I got a size M since my waist is 32-34 & it fits like a glove. My body has actually toned & shaped into an hour glass & keep in mind I’m a Male.