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Post-Surgical Gyno Vest

Post-Surgical Gyno Vest

The compression vest that ensures your gynecomastia surgery is 100% worth it
  • Boosts surgery recovery 

  • Effective & non-restrictive compression

  • Ensures permanent, appealing results

  • Makes recovery extremely comfortable

  • Easy clasp closing system


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Maximum Comfort

Breathable and elastic fabric combined with an easy clasp closing system ensures maximum comfort

Boosts Recovery

The vest boosts recovery by controlling swelling, enabling blood flow, and facilitating skin retraction

Ensures Amazing Results

Targeted compression on the pectoral area sculpts the new flat chest skin into the perfect shape

Making Surgery Worth It


Get The Perfect Chest Shape
The immediate days after the surgery are crucial for good results. As the skin tissue begins to settle it is important that it does so in the desired way.
Through targeted compression on the pectoral area, the vest ensures that the chest tissue forms into a nice shape, preventing any complications from swelling or seromas.


Recovery Never Felt This Good
The vest is designed for no-compromises comfort and constructed with super elastic, breathable, durable materials.
Thanks to the easy clasp closing system, getting in will never be a problem.
To put it simply, the vest ensures recovery will be a breeze.

Say Goodbye To Complications

  • Prevents Deformity

    Through targeted compression the vest forms the new chest tissue into the desired shape

  • Hinders Swelling

    The vest controls blood flow and limits the buildup of excess fluid, thereby hindering swelling

  • Stops Seromas

    Seromas are prevented through equal compression on the chest area, leading to excess fluid being re-absorbed

  • Limits Scarring

    Limits the development of scars by interfering with the production of collagen and helping to realign collagen fibers

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Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Frank P.
Great FTM vest

First compression vest or top ever purchased, was leery as I have ordered compression "tops" in the past and the sizing was always too tight and had to return them. This is a high quality product with a really good closing system and high level of comfort. I am using it for post chest reduction surgery, and it is great, exactly as described, does not pinch nor does the bottom roll up. I got it in white, not sure if the black one would retain more heat, but this one does not make me sweat.

Dan Chang
Exactly what I wanted!

I recently had gyno surgery for level 1 (minor gyno) with surgical gland removal and Lipo suction. My surgeon gave me a different compression garment to wear and it was awful. I’m a shorter guy (5’9”) and it came down almost to my mid-thigh. Horribly uncomfortable and clearly visible under clothing. I 12ided to bite the bullet and spend the money on this vest and I wish I had done it 2 weeks ago. No longer loathing the next 5 weeks I have to wear this. Also, fit was true to sizing chart.

Brandon H.
For Chest Surgery!

I am very pleased with the fit of this vest. It has helped immensely in my recovery process. I would recommend a purchase if having surgery in the chest region.

Mival T.

This is very comfortable! I thought it might be itchy or irritate my skin, but it's completely awesome!

Clavon B.
Gynecomastia Surgery

I really like the amount of compression and the level of comfort. I also really like the clasp closure style. It helps reduce pain when putting the vest back on.


Frequently Asked Questions
You got questions. We got answers.

Size Chart - what size do I need?

We've worked hard to ensure that the sizes we offer will work all our customers. Please make sure to follow the sizing instructions carefully to get the intended effect.

Can I return the vest or swap sizes?

You can absolutely return your vest to us or exchange it for another size!

In fact, we are so confident in the quality of our vest that you can return or exchange it within 90 days after receiving it.

For exact conditions applying to this guarantee please refer to our refund policy.

What material is the vest made out of?

The vest is made out of a mix of elastin and nylon which ensures that the vest feels light, stretchy, and boosts recovery in the most effective and comortable way.

How long do I have to wear the vest?

This depends entirely on the assesement of your doctor. Since he knows how the procedure went and how high the risk of complications is, he will be able to give you the best estimate. In our experience, you should stick to a minimum of 2 weeks.

How long does shipping take?

On average, orders placed during weekdays arrive after 4-8 business days in the UK.

Orders to Europe or the US may, in some cases, take 2-4 business days longer.

For all other destinations, we cannot guarantee a specific time frame but can assure that no order will take longer than 21 business days.

Can I track my order?

Yes. We’ll provide updates at every stage of your order, from the moment you place it, through to despatch and delivery.

Once your order has been processed, you’ll receive a tracking reference via email which you can use to check the progress of your order online.

This can be done on our tracking page.



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